FIRM works to industrialize regenerative medicine and disseminate innovative medical treatments.

For achievement of

Ideals to be
realized by 2025
Realize systems that are appropriate for regenerative medicine.
Realize increase in products and commercialization.
Enhance international competitiveness of Japan.
Strengthen the management foundation of FIRM.
Ideal form which will be
realized by 2021
Organize issues from creation to launch of product. Go on discussion with administration.
Newly build function to make public comment, as well as improve quality of information which we dispatch.
Cell and Gene Therapy Products Committee will be established in Central Social Insurance Medical Council. Price based on characteristics of product will be considered.
Policies for reduction of cost of cell and gene therapy products will be implemented.
Empower and enlarge relationship with administration, media and members of the National Diet. Increase the amount of information that FIRM will dispatch.
Establish model of cooperation with academia, industry, administration and VC. Support them by offering necessary information and know-how.
Recognition of each guide will be boosted. Activate engagement- strengthening between the supporting industry companies and product creating companies.
Toward regulatory harmonization, give comments on problem solutions to regulatory authorities in Asian nations and regions.
Strengthen cooperation with foreign company organization, and support FIRM companies in their international expansion and their international cooperation with foreign companies.
Government and people of Japan will be collaborating and show more presence in regenerative medical world in Japan.
Role of international standard in regenerative medicine will be realized in and outside of FIRM.
Collaborate with European and American relative organizations in order to realize international standardization of pre-clinical test. Accumulate the evaluation results.

VC: Venture Capital