FIRM works to industrialize regenerative medicine and disseminate innovative medical treatments.

For achievement of

Ideals to be
realized by 2025
Realize systems that are appropriate for regenerative medicine.
Realize increase in products and commercialization.
Enhance international competitiveness of Japan.
Strengthen the management foundation of FIRM.
Ideal form which will be
realized by 2025
FIRM will become the body to make accurate policy recommendations to the industrialization of regenerative medicine.
Measures which are necessary to the commercialization of the CGT-related businesses will be promoted, by establishing appropriate pricing rules, and reducing manufacturing costs, etc.
FIRM will provide information related to the regenerative medicine which contributes to the promotion of FIRM’s member companies’ businesses.
The impact of FIRM will increase by strengthening stakeholder relationships, and the public understanding for regenerative medicine will increase as well.
The mechanism of incubation will be well-established with the cooperation by industry, academia, and government.
The collaboration will be strengthened between companies who manufacture regenerative medicine products and surrounding companies who support peripheral industries, and both companies together will challenge to solve the industrialization.
The development and marketing of regenerative medicine products in the Asian region will progress with the contribution to regulatory harmonization through APACRM activities.
FIRM will establish an influential position among regenerative medicine organizations in the world as a representative of Asia, and dedicate to solve problems for industrialization.
International standards in the field of regenerative medicine will be proposed and developed by FIRM continuously, and measures for the development, manufacturing, and review of regenerative medicine products and peripheral industrial products will be implemented.
FIRM’s governance will be strengthened and FIRM’s trust from external stakeholders will increase.
An appropriate institutional design has been established under the Act on the Safety of Regenerative Medicine (Safety Act), and the healthy market to contribute to the growth of companies will be established as well.
FIRM’s stable financial base will be maintained, and FIRM’s business activities will expand.
FIRM’s operation will be strengthened by staffing specialized personnel, and FIRM will be sustainable organization.