A message from the chairman

Yuzo Toda, Representative Director, Chairman

While Japan is making great strides in the research field of regenerative medicine, the fact that only two products developed in Japan have made it to market thus far highlights the huge gap between research laboratories in academia and patients lying in hospital beds. FIRM has, however, made some notable progress—such as in our efforts to establish upgrade standards for automatic culture equipment, cell transportation methods, and cell processing centers.
Further, FIRM has founded the Regenerative Medicine Industrialization Task Force (RMIT), opened new headquarters in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, and announced its intention to break ground on an industrialization demonstration site in Tonomachi, Kanagawa.
FIRM has also established a long-awaited partnership with the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM), America’s largest trade association for regenerative medicine and cell therapy.
These represent just a few of the outstanding achievements FIRM has made over the past year.

Two acts of legislation concerning regenerative medicine and cell therapy enacted last November have paved the way for commercialization of therapeutics.
Regenerative medicine and cell therapy are major topics in the media at present, which has considerably boosted interest in industrial circles.
Capitalizing on this upsurge in interest, FIRM is rapidly expanding its membership, with over 150 members and counting.
FIRM has deemed 2015 a significant turning point, shifting gears from the preparatory stage to the execution stage in its industrialization efforts.
Recognizing that FIRM has been entrusted with an important role as an industrial association, we will be employing and mobilizing the full force of the FIRM membership to expedite industrialization of regenerative medicine and cell therapy.

Together, we’ll take the next step toward the future.