Agenda for
the 4th Asia Partnership Conference of Regenerative Medicine

Date: Thursday, April 15, 2021
Virtual Conference

Time (JST) Session Name
13:00-13:03 Opening remarks Ken-ichiro Hata, FIRM
13:03-13:10 Introduction Masayuki Nomura, FIRM
13:10-14:10 Update on Regenerative Medicine from each Participating Industrial Association
10-min presentations from each country/region Yoshitsugu Shitaka, FIRM (Japan)
Tsui Yat Ping Alex, CMBA (China)
Bryan Choi, CARM & SCRM (Korea)
Wong, Kum Cheun, SAPI (Singapore)
Pawan Kumar Gupta, ABLE (India)
Shinn-Zong (John) Lin, BPIPO (Taiwan)
14:10-15:40 Working group 1 (WG1) activity
Presentation Presenter : Tomohiro Yoneda
Panel Discussion - pharmacology, biodistribution, toxicity, tumorigenicity Facilitator : Tomohiro Yoneda
15:40-15:50 Break
15:50-17:05 Working group 2 (WG2) activity
Latest information sharing Presenter : Yoji Sato, NIHS
Presentation Presenter : Toshimitsu Tanaka
Presenter : Shing-Mou Lee
Panel Discussion - starting cells, comparability Facilitator´╝ÜRyan Chang
Facilitator : Shinobu Kuwae
17:05-17:45 Other topics (Facilitator : Yoshie Tsurumaki, FIRM )
Actual experiences with early approval Presenter : Keiji Yoshimura
Reimbursement system Presenter : Keiji Yoshimura
17:45-18:10 Introduction and Exchange opinions for next activities
WG1 introduction Presenter : Tomohiro Yoneda
WG2 introduction Presenter : Toshimitsu Tanaka
Others (exchange opinions) Presenter : Yoshie Tsurumaki
18:10-18:15 Closing Remarks Kunihiko Suzuki, FIRM

Abbreviations: CMBA, China Medical Biotech Association in China; CARM, Council for Advanced Regenerative Medicine in Korea; SCRM, Strategic Center for Regenerative Medicine in Korea; SAPI, Singapore Association of Pharmaceuticals Industries in Singapore; ABLE, Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises in India; BPIPO, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries Promotion Office in Taiwan. NIHS, National Institute of Health Sciences in Japan.